The Sustainable Philosophy

Hi, I’m Kevin Stephens, CEO of KSDG. To me, sustainability is everything. It’s not just a fancy term, but a lifestyle. I’m hoping to spread this message of sustainability so that we can all cut down on our consumption of resources. After all, the less everyone else consumes, the more I get, and the happier we’ll all be.

For example, I enjoy driving my Range Rover that get 10 miles to the gallon. However, with fuel prices as high as they are, I can only maintain my lifestyle if everyone sacrifices their vehicles. Don’t worry, less clutter, less headache for you! I may own three cars myself, but it all evens out once you learn to live without yours. 

Sustainability also means not purchasing frivolous items out of impulse. Unnecessary items contribute to waste and clutter, which then leads to unhappiness. Never mind that I purchased over 100 pairs of leather shoes. Or a machine that steeps my tea perfectly down to the last millisecond. This is about YOU, not me. I love telling other people how to live as long as I don’t have to practice what I preach. 

Take care everyone!

-Christopher Kevin Stephens